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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 29, 2012 7:00pm-7:29pm PST

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feel the power, california signs on to another enormous lottery, but is it a winner? good evening it's thursday november 29 i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. tonight we're on storm watch, parts of the bay area already getting drenched. as of right now it's 7:00, a flash flood watch is under effect. it's the first of many showers we're expected to see over the next few hours. this system will slide south overnight. here's a look at heavy rainfall as this major storm rolling in. looking live right now, traffic on interstate 880 it is heavy in both directions. our latest forecast shows the heaviest rain should hit
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overnight and will likely slow the commute during the friday morning hours. we have live team coverage for you. meteorologist mark tamayo is in the newsroom with the late timing of it. but let's begin with mike sasaki live in mill valley where flood concerns are high. >> reporter: with this creek here and more rain just starting to fall in the last couple of minutes driving along mill avenue would be very well advised that flooding is under way. the sandbags are stacked by the door just in case the flood waters come as they have in the past. >> we've had flooding and water come through the doors so we don't want any of that. >> reporter: ready for the worse but still hoping for the best. >> the rain is great but, we want to stay open and serve food. >> reporter: water is also
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threatening a warehouse. they've pumped a lot of water out of their own grounds. >> if we didn't have that pump we would be flooded like we were five or six years ago. and that wasn't no fun, we had to shut down the store. >> reporter: and they've seen a flurry of activity. a tarp now covers a home under construction. >> not really, just a little warmer as you can see here, we put a tarp over the job trying to keep it as dry as possible. other than that we keep on rolling. >> reporter: stormy weather won't stop a daily walk for these two older dogs and their professional dog walker, they just have to bundle up. >> we walk dogs short of a natural disaster. so rain or shine as long as we're in our plastic we're happy campers. >> the questions here along miller avenue and for the rest of the area are how long will
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this storm last and how much rain will actually fall. john sasaki, ktvu news. >> and live storm tracker 2 is showing an increase in the rainfall across parts of the bay area. that trend will continue in the next couple of hours. you can see the live doppler sweep and reports of rainfall. san francisco, oakland, san mateo, palo alto and the fremont area. here we go significant rainfall. heavier down the creek. as far as the expectations with this system the second storm system moves through the night. a wind advisory and high surf advisory kicks in tomorrow. here is the forecast model it is speeding up the timing a little bit. this is a change. we could be talking about heavy rain as early as friday
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morning. that's a recent change with this rainfall forecast model. coming up and we'll take a look at pretty impressive rainfall expected with this system and another one that will move in just in time for your weekend. people who live in the santa cruz mountains take a close look at the trees as they see high winds moving in. the cruz family has been keeping a close eye at this rotted tree, they say removing it will help them sleep a bit better. in san francisco, tree trimmers worked to remove an acasia tree that crashed down in the bernal neighborhood. the department of pub -- public works says it's working
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to clear trees that fell. people are stocking up on sandbags. the city of pleasant hill is providing sandbags. even before the storm hits today's gloomy weather caused delays at the san francisco international airport. before the storm hit, airlines saw delays of two hours. go to for more storm coverage. click the tab on the top of our home page. one car ended up on top of another in a four car crash. this crash happened in san jose. it's not clear if the crash was weather related but the road was wet at the time. this crash took place just before 3:30 this afternoon. one person did sustain minor
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injuries. we're following development, following news of a rape of a 13-year-old girl. the rape happened at castro park in mountain view sometime around 5:30 last night. that's when police responded to a report of a sexual assault. they say the victim had been drinking alcohol there with an adult man and two teenage boys. police arrested mario pinto and two 17-year-olds on suspicion of rape. a woman says she woke to find an intruder inside her bedroom. palo alto police say they may step up patrol and add staffing following a home invasion last night. >> it's surprising, it's really surprising. and kind of scary. >> it's more like a weird shock, like what's happening here. >> reporter: it happened at this apartment complex off of hawthorn avenue.
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the victim a stanford graduate was asleep when the man broke in. investigators say when she screamed and fought back, he ran. the victim never got a good look at his face. they're looking at past crimes including three prior groping cases in august and september. all happened near by, one a little more than a block away. >> that's part of our investigation is to look at okay is this an individual who started off by doing gropings, escalating into an attempted sexual assault. we're trying to prevent is a completed sexual assault. >> reporter: the victim in this case suffered a bruised wrist but was other wise unharmed. detectives are trying to determine if she might have been followed home. >> it does sort of make me take a second glance around when i'm out. even in the daytime because you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: detectives have
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already been back outlooking for suspected victims. anne rubin. san jose university says they're trying to fix their faulty phone system. >> police this is adam. >> adam this is john, just checking the phone. >> hello. campus police hello. >> this emergency phone failed to check because the dispatcher could not hear. police blame weather and an aging system, they say fixing the system is a top priority. t police are announcing a new curb in crime. it's more than all of last year. now chief howard jordan has a new plan to stop the violence. he's assigned more officers to investigate gangs and fire traffickers. >> we started last week, by
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assigning 24 officers on overtime. we're asking officers to volunteer on overtime during the times we believe violence is taking place. >> reporter: there are 50 recruits going through the current academy with another set to begin in march. in january the city council plans to consider funding a third academy for next summer. john boehner and other congressional leaders met with timothy giethner. it appears no progress was made in striking a compromise. boehner says he was quote disappointed with the white house officer. the online gaming company
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zynga is indy skating it is scaling back its partnership with facebook. facebook says it will not retain what has been called an exclusive deal with zynga. a number of americans filing for job claims has dropped to 393,000. it was the second straight drop after superstorm sandy caused a shark spike in unemployment applications. the four week average rose to 405,000. vets can apply for jobs for up to 30 employees including toyota, home depot and the local police department. >> we're good people. we want to -- we want to work hard. we want to serve that organization. we want to better it. we want to bring in those organizations. there was also a workshop to help veterans polish up
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their resumes. they've helped more than 14,000 veterans find jobs nationwide. hostess brand says it has a bounty of potential buyers for its popular line of cakes. hostess says it has 110 furious potential buyers which include twinkies and zinger breads. they also will give bonuses totaling $118 million while firing 18,000 workers. they're calling it a shock. the federal government is booting out a century old bay area tradition. what this may mean for your food crisis. well go ahead and dream. today's deal will bring a national power ballot reu --
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power lottery. what has some calling it a negative. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. the highway patrol says a dump truck driver had an unusual explanation for this accident in san leandro. the officer says the man has a sneezing fit. the driver jerked the wheel and crashed into a used truck lot. ten trucks were damaged. the driver was not seriously hurt and will not be sited for this crash. an abrupt end for a family institution that has been a staple for a decade. drakes will have to close tomorrow. >> reporter: oyster farming is
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ending. >> disbelief, a combination that creates a shock. >> reporter: interior secretary salazar personally phoned him today. larry says he was stunned that the park lease is over. his family business gone, 30 people instantly out of work. >> this is going to have a profound effect to west marin. >> reporter: customers also stunned. >> it's so sad that now this will not happen anymore. we could very well be the last people. >> reporter: last wednesday we showed you secretary salazar visiting. an environmental impact study found the farm harmed marine mammals. it has gotten praise for sustainability, low environmental impact and jobs in marin. >> right now i feel bad. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the company says it cannot relocate.
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and the oysters harvested here, 40% of the state's total will bring up prices. >> this will be a blow to prices in california. >> reporter: this the place that sir francis is now to be california's first federally designated marine wilderness area. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. agriculture inspectors have discovered a tiny insect that could harm california's citrus crop. the insect can carry a disease that has destroyed crops in florida. the department of agriculture is expected to release quarantine plans as early as tomorrow. the white house has released this photo of the
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president and romney shaking hands. over the strong objections of the united states, the u.n. voted to give rights to palestine. the united nations general assembly voted by a 2/3 majority to recognize the state of palestine. secretary of the state hillary clinton called vote counter productive. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home of joseph francis quarry. officers rushed cory when he had come outside of his house to take in his dogs. today actress lindsay lohan
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faces new charges. the 26-year-old faces third degree charges. showing you here lohan leaving the police station hidden under a jacket. lohan was charged for three misdemeanors in an accident where her porsche crashed. the marin independent journey says a park will be built right next to city hall and would require demolition of an old building. the building would include a statute of yoda. they also call for a statute of indiana jones. one of two winners will share a record $188 million power ball lottery. a missouri lottery official says they have confirmed the winner with the announcement
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set for tomorrow. the gas station will claim $50,000 just for selling that ticket. >> and buying a power ballot ticket for yourself is about to get a little easier. rob roth explains how the added revenue will help our state's bottom line. >> reporter: here at delara's this man was picking numbers. he says he can't wait to begin playing power ball. >> it's more money. more money at stake. >> reporter: the commission voted to unanimously add power ball to the state of california. power ball will and between 90 to $110,000 to california schools. in oakland schools already receive more than $6 million in lottery revenue. money the district says goes toward teacher salary, textbooks and supplies. at cabana's liquor store that
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has sold five winning tickets, they call power ball a win-win. >> the bigger jackpots bring in more money. more money for the schools more money for us. >> reporter: but business analysts say power ball which requires the player to pick five correct numbers is a horrible check. >> you stand a better chance of having your name mentioned in the state of union address and a better chance of being struck by lightning. >> reporter: but those who play say someone has to hit the jackpot and it could be them. bring on power ball. >> i thought, why don't they have that here so we could have played that here. >> reporter: while the odds of winning are low the odds of it becoming popular appear to be very high. in san lorenzo, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. new york's museum of modern art has added a new collection.
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classic video games. the museum acquired 14 games. pack man, tetris, myst and sim city -- pac-man. classic, wow. for an expectant parent, the question might be overwhelming, what to name your baby. the names now getting most recognition from today's parents. >> and storm tracker 2 already lit up in green. but there's more rain in the way. what maybe a messy morning commute. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> meteorologist mark tamayo is here. you've been in the stormcenter all day. and you just got new information. >> during the day we got new model runs. the latest one speeding up the system. the heaviest rain moving through the central portion of the bay will be with you just as you hit the roads in the morning. there we go with the live doppler sweeps. nothing too major just yet. here we go some more rain showers right around san francisco and oakland as we move the maps closer to the north bay. you will notice more activity toward clover dale and the clear lake area. all this activity still
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drifting to the south. with that we are expecting the rainfall to increase in coverage and also increase in intensity. as far as forecast accumulation with this first system, very impressive. right now the north bay getting the most rain. could be up to 5-inches, that is very dense. really significant throughout the next 24 hours. the rest of the north bay approaching 3-1/2 inches. central portions of the bay 2- inches but still more impressive amounts for the santa cruz mountains. a flash flood watch in place right now. extended all the way through monday morning for the north bay. san francisco to san m ateo and also the santa cruz mountains as well. in addition to the rain, we also have this, winds, winds increasing outs -- out of the south increasing to 20 miles per hour. winds will increase the possibility of power outages throughout the region. next storm scheduled to move into the region friday morning. this is another potent one this moves in sunday night. so still tracking a series of
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storms for your friday and also into the weekend. storm number two for friday, periods of rain for saturday. storm number three for sunday. here's our forecast model showing you this. notice the heaviest rain focus on the south bay. this is a change maybe not so much in parts of the north bay but still off and on rain showers for friday afternoon and into the afternoon hours by 5:00. temperatures mainly in the upper 70s. the big deal will be the significant rainfall for friday. once again, sofia and aden are the most popular names, for
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boys,aiden, jackson, ethan and liam and mason. for the girls sophia, emma. thank you for joining us tonight. a late change in the computer model could reduce the chance of flooding. of course we're always here for you. tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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